Demonstrating a new artistic approach to action sports films, Vantage combines visual storytelling with expressive winter-sports cinematography. Synopsis: Unable to escape the past, we relive the rise and fall of a relationship through a series of short vignettes. Each segment portrays an underlying theme of distance, constructing of interpersonal barriers, and the fragile nature inherent in coping with the range of emotions/expectations in relationships. About the film maker: This was a 2 year side project for me. I've been filming skiing and snowboarding for over a decade, and I wanted to create something unique and non-traditional with this film. A good friend of mine helped me write the script, and I did all the filming, directing, editing, sound design, and color grading.

I created this self-promo video for a contest hosted by This video encompasses the 15 years I've spent filming skiing and snowboarding.

I created this short film for a contest hosted by Warren Miller Entertainment. They selected this video to be the grand prize winner, and it was shown at every screening of their annual film tour in 2017.

Short video I edited while working with Teton Gravity Research in Jackson, WY. The video has aired on NBC, Fuel TV, and other various stations.